Here you find press reviews and interviews about “More than Honey”

More than Honey at the German Film Festival in Perth

Interviews with Boris Baer and Barbara Baer-Imhoof

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98Five Sonshine FM – FRI 26 APR 2013 radio interview

The West Australian online video interview 

WA Today video interview, also in the Sidney Morning Herald

Perthnow, online article, 7. May 2013

ABC720Radio, 1. May 2013


“Honey is a Diamond You Can Eat” Swissinfo: 3. October 2012


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10 thoughts on “Media

  1. hi. i heard of this movie in france, but would like to watch it in japan- is this film distributed in japan? i do hope so!

    • Dear Kiraka Wachi
      Thank you very much for your interest.
      The film is not distributed to Japan, yet.
      I will find out about when it will go there, though. As I had a lot of questions about when will the film be shown where I might be able to put a travel itinerary for the film together.

  2. Hi
    I’m member of the International Association of students in Agricultural and related Sciences and we would really like to buy this movie but in English.
    We’ve seen several English trailers but we can’t find the movie in English.
    Could you please help us?.

    • I have purchased “More than honey” on Blu Ray from and would like to screen it for our beekeepers club members here in Melbourne (Australia)
      Do we have to pay for the screening rights and how much is it?
      The audience will be around 70 club members and our club is a non-profit organisation.
      Where can we get the approval to show the documentary?
      Best regards
      Dietmar Klimkeit

      • Hi Dietmar
        Thank you very much for your ongoing interest.
        Sorry for the wait.
        You are not the only one. There are other beekeeping clubs who want to see the film.
        The reason is that the film rights have not been sold in Australia, yet. So there are no arrangements in place for your inquiry, yet.

        Films Boutique in Berlin has sent us a contract to sign to distribute the film ourselves.
        I got in contact with a non-profit distributor who might be able to do it for us because he will do it more professionally.
        He just signalled his interest, so we will see how this develops.

        So, sorry again, just wait a little bit longer and I will hopefully have good news for you.

        All the best


  3. I saw that this film will be coming to NY June 12 – where and when? I am a teacher and would like to get a group together to view it.

  4. Heya I may have missed the answer to this question in the feed but I am finding it hard to purchase a DVD or downloaded copy of this is Australia. Has it not been officially released here? Or do we have to buy it in a different zone to play on a multi region player?
    Thanks so much, I can’t wait to watch!


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