Upcoming event: Public SAAN lecture

SAAN Western Australia invites you to a public lecture presented at the UWA Business School at the University of Western Australia. The guest speakers will Prof. Peter Zweifel from the Socioeconomic Institute, University of Zurich, Switzerland talking about : "Are Welfare Programs Socially Sustainable?"

  • Abstract

  • The future of public health and other welfare programs is a hotly debated topic between politicians and interest groups. Professor Peter Zweifel will discuss recent experiments that reveal the willingness of people to sacrifice their own income in favour of the needy. The experiments were conducted in Switzerland where the tradition of direct democracy might be expected to keep the level of income redistribution in line with public opinion.
  • Speaker

  • Peter Zweifel is a leading expert in industrial organisation with a special interest in health economics and insurance economics. After studying at the University of Zurich, he held positions at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Armed Forces in Munich. He became an Assistant Professor of International Economics at the University of Zurich in 1983, and Professor of Economics in 1990.

    • Date:

      7th of September 2010
    • Location:

      Wesfarmers Lecture Theatre, UWA Business School
    • Time:

    • Admission is free

    • Please RSVP as soon as possible here

    Past events

    29 July 2010

    SAAN organised two public lectures presented at the University Club at the University of Western Australia. Close to 80 attendances listened to Dr. Daniel Woker, Ambassador of Switzerland to Australia providing a brief overview of SAAN, its recent and future activities as well as of other major Swiss-Australian current projects as well as a talk on reseach conducted at CIBER on bees and ants by A/Prof Boris Baer. The talks were followed by cocktails and Jazz music by the JoBlack trio.

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