Publications by Ernst Juerg Weber

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Discussion Papers:

Collins, J., Baer, B. and Weber, E.J. (2013) ‘Population, Technological Progress and the Evolution of Innovative Potential’, Economics Discussion Paper 13.21, Business School, University of Western Australia.

Collins, J., Baer, B. and Weber, E.J. (2012) ‘Sexual Selection, Conspicuous Consumption and Economic Growth’, Economics Discussion Paper 12.15, Business School, University of Western Australia.

Weber, E.J. (2012) ‘Australian Fiscal Policy in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis’, Economics Discussion Paper 12.11, Business School, University of Western Australia.

Book Chapters:

Pawley, J. and Weber, E.J. (2011) ‘Investment, Technical Progress and the Consequences of the Global Economic Crisis’, in de La Grandville, O. (ed.) Economic Growth and Development, Frontiers of Economics and Globalization, Vol. 11, Bingley, UK: Emerald, 483-492.

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Weber, E.J. (1992) ‘Free Banking in Switzer¬land After the Liberal Revolutions in the Nineteenth Century’, in Dowd, K. (ed.) The Experience of Free Banking, London: Routledge, 187-205.

Journal Articles

Collins, J., Baer, B. and Weber, E.J. (2013) ‘Economic Growth and Evolution: Parental Preference for Quality and Quantity of Offspring’, Macroeconomic Dynamics (accepted for publication).

Khuu, A. and Weber, E.J. (2013) ‘How Australian Farmers Deal with Risk’, Agricultural Finance Review (accepted for publication).

Weber, E.J. (2011) ‘Wilfred E.G. Salter: The Merits of a Classical Economic Education’, History of Economics Review, 54, 111-130.

Weber, E.J. (2011) ‘Computational Macroeconomics for the Open Economy’ by Lim, G.C. and McNelis, P.D., book review, Economic Record, 87/277, 353-355.

McLure, M., Turkington D. and Weber, E.J. (2010) ‘A Conversation with Arnold Zellner’, History of Economics Review, 51. (Reprinted in Parameter, Chicago Chapter of the American Statistical Association, 2010)

Weber, E.J. (2010) ‘The Role of the Real Interest Rate in U.S. Macroeconomic History’, B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, 10(1), Article 7.

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Weber, E.J. (2008) ‘Money and Inflation in a Macroeconomic Model with Indexed Bonds’, Review Article, History of Economics Review, 47, 139-147.

Weber, E.J. (2007) ‘Optimal Control Theory for Undergraduates Using the Microsoft Excel Solver Tool’, Computers in Higher Education Economics Review (CHEER), 19, 4-15.

Weber, E.J. (2006) ‘Monetary Policy in a Heterogeneous Monetary Union: The Australian Experience’, Applied Economics, 38, 2487-2495.

Weber, E.J. (2005) ‘What Determines Australian Interest Rates?’ Journal of Australian Political Economy, 55, 123-129.

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‘Greece on the Precipice’, Letters, The Economist, May 26, 2012.

Weber, E.J. (2009) ‘Pre-Industrial Bimetallism: The Index Coin Hypothesis’, Economics Discussion Paper 09.12, Business School, University of Western Australia.

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